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We are supporting 2 amazing charities


Cornwall Blood Bikes are a team of volunteer members who are dedicated to providing a weekday ‘out of hours’ service from 17:00 to 07:00 and a 24 hour Weekend and Bank Holiday service supporting NHS partners with whom they have formal agreements to deliver essential Human Blood, Pathology Samples, Medication, Medical Equipment, Medical Notes and occasionally Donor Breast Milk to the NHS hospitals and hospices throughout Cornwall and beyond.
For more information visit

AFB support veterans who are finding it difficult to make their way in civilian life who are in financial difficulty throughout the UK. They offer an internet based veteran’s forum that seeks to establish contact with as many serving and ex-forces personnel as possible. Aiming to give their members and supporters purpose through common friendship and a support mechanism with the purpose of helping others to help themselves. AFB don't exclude anyone from joining their forums and offer a clear grant policy for those in need of their charity grants. They have successfully located and integrated many troubled ex-service personnel who are either mentally or physically scarred due to operational service. 
For more information visit

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