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Camping Terms & Conditions

Camping tickets DO NOT include entry to Bike Festival SW Festival tickets need to be purchased separately  

There are no facilities on site to dispose of toilet and chemical toilet waste

Tent campers will be in a designated tent camping area where there will be no permitted vehicle movement or live-in vehicles such as campervans and caravans. This is a strict tent only zone. If you have friends or family in your party who are staying in a camper/caravan you will not be able to camp together however you will only be a short walk away and can still socialise together in either area.

Children can only enter the campsite with the adult who purchased their ticket i.e. the parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian. Any young person or child attempting to enter the festival campsite without their legal/nominated guardian will be denied entry

Following are the accompanying rules for those assuming parental, legal guardian or nominated guardianship responsibility:

-any adult campsite ticket holder may accompany a maximum of 3 young persons or children

-adults accompanying young persons in their teens must be age 21 or over to ensure that all teens are overseen by someone of a responsible age

-young persons and children must camp with their responsible adult. There will be no teens camping separately away from their adult group

It is all about having a good time together while looking after each other. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be ejected without refund from the campsite and the festival 

We’re happy for groups of friends to camp near each but we politely ask that people are considerate and not to set up overly-large “camping areas” to ensure everyone has enough room to enjoy the campsite and all have a fair amount of space.

No music in your tents past 11pm

Once wristbands have been issued and put on, tampering, swapping, removal of etc will not be tolerated and those found doing so will be asked to leave the campsite and festival 


Campsite ticket holders may enter the campsite at the following times:

-Friday 30th June: 2pm to set up

-Monday 3rd July: must vacate by 11am

Campers entry into Festival
-Friday 5pm -11pm
-Saturday 8am – 11pm
-Sunday 8am -11pm
-Monday 8am -10am (Just for coffee & Breakfast)


We encourage everyone who is camping and using our car park to refrain from leaving the site between 10pm and 10am. This is due to making sure we can get you in and out of the site safely.

Please bring a bin bag with you and leave your rubbish in a nice pile for us to come and collect 

Ensure you look into travel arrangements before you buy your tickets. We cannot give refunds for problems with getting to and from the festival or campsite


Camping tickets include car parking 

You are not allowed to sleep in any vehicle of any kind within a designated car park. This is dangerous and unsafe to you and those who share the site with you 


You are allowed to bring your own alcohol to the campsite, but only a reasonable amount per adult. This is for personal consumption only in your tent/camper.
A reasonable amount is defined as: 1 crate (24 cans) of beer or cider OR the equivalent of 2 x 70cl bottles of wine OR 1 winebox OR the equivalent of 1 x 70cl bottle of spirits

Alcohol must be decanted into non-glass containers. There are NO EXCEPTIONS regarding glass containers. Broken glass can harm children or the livestock who will use the campsite land after you leave 


Due to on-site sanitary and hygiene considerations, personal portable toilet units are not permitted into the festival site. This is a very important condition of entry and customers attempting to bring in portable toilets will be turned away at the gate.

Fire safety is important. No campfires, no flares, no fireworks, no Chinese lanterns or candles, no naked flames etc. are allowed. Disposable aluminium BBQs are not allowed. Only small purpose built off-the-ground BBQs and camping stoves can be used to cook food

Dogs are permitted (no more than two per pitch) but strictly no other animals. Although dogs are permitted, please be a responsible owner and consider not bringing your furry companion if the weather is hot

The following items are not permitted at the festival campsite:

-Drugs, illegal substances such as NOS/nitrous oxide or any other substances banned under the 2016 Psychoactive Substances Act

-Weapons or anything that can be interpreted as a weapon

-Chinese lanterns, fireworks, torches or flares

-Camping gas canisters above 5kg

-Generators of any kind

-portable/chemical toilets

-any glass/glass bottles

-lasers or airhorns

-sound systems

-drones or other radio controlled flying/hovering devices

-spray cans


-disposable BBQs

A section of the campsite will be available for those with a disability on a first come first served basis. This area is the most practical for access to the arena.

The campsite will have a perimeter fence line, wristband entry and security on duty 24 hours a day. Visitors leave their belongings at their own risk. It is advised to leave all valuables at home 


Please be aware of Carbon Monoxide while using gas within your tent/camper. Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colourless, odourless, tasteless poisonous gas produced by incomplete burning of carbon based fuels, including gas, oil, wood and coal . Levels of the gas can build up very quickly to levels that can make someone unwell or result in a fatality

Campers have lost their lives after taking lit barbecues into tents or caravans for warmth. A lit or smouldering barbecue should never be taken into a tent, tent awning, camping pod, caravan or campervan 

Similarly portable gas stoves are not designed to be used inside such structures. They should be kept clean, in good working order and should only be used outside in a suitably ventilated area

Anyone who thinks they may have been exposed to carbon monoxide fumes should seek medical advice immediately 



We will have limited toilets available on the campsite
Showers are available but are a short walk and limited
Food stalls are only in the festival and are available at the times set out above
24 hour security
Medical assistance is available in festival hours if needed
Electric points are unavailable
Onsite Rubbish bins

Please respect our communal areas and try to leave these tidy/clean

Please help us by keeping it clean and tidy. Please ensure you do not leave anything other than 'general waste' in the designated areas – please take all large items home with you e.g. tents, chairs, sleeping bags etc. 


If the festival is cancelled, the organisers UK700 Ltd shall not be liable for any costs or expenses incurred by the ticket holder, including but not limited to the ticket cost, transportation and accommodation costs or any other losses of any kind. The organisers reserve the right to change and amend the festival programme without prior notification and cannot be held responsible for acts/exhibitors who cancel. Refunds cannot be issued if a particular artist does not appear or performs on a different day 


Ensure you know where your nearest emergency exits are 

Follow any instructions given by Stewards, Security and Police 

Move away from any dangerous or antisocial behaviour. Notify Security if you see any antisocial or dangerous behaviour on site

Move to where there is more space if you see a crowd surge occur

Ask for help if you need it and help others, especially if someone falls

Stay calm - if you're in distress, ask to be taken to the Welfare Tent

Look after yourself and those around you, even people you don't know. If you suspect somebody is unwell take them to a first aid or welfare area/tent. If they are not responding please alert a Steward immediately who will call for the necessary help. Please don't attempt to move them as you may do more harm than good

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